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"Zako, a household name for many decades, entered the new millenium with a strong need to change its ' tired ' image.

Through in-depth analysis of information and market research, Design Ministry developed a store concept that not only re-designed the internal & external store environments but also reviewed Zako’s brands portofolio giving emphasis to the core values. The re-designing involved everything, from in-store merchandising fixtures and layout design to signage,ticketing and packaging.

Within a two year period a further 25 shops were totally re-vamped. The results over the past three years have been excellent with a continuous uplift in sales year-in year-out. Our collaboration with Design Ministry continues today in areas of in-store and window design and graphics and with their cooperation have developed 3 new advertisements for television use.

Design Ministry succeeded to develop a store concept that intricately blended the Zako core products with innovative solutions and created a shopping environment that has been received very positively by both old and, more importantly, new customers."

Tony Jacovides
ZAKO General Manager

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